Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thai Spoon

When I first started thinking about writing a blog, I wanted it to focus on one thing: restaurant reviews. My husband and I are major foodies. We love to go out to restaurants and critique everything we eat.  For us, dinner is not the activity preceding the date; it is the main event.  However, having a baby has changed all that. So dining out has become dining in for us.

So what is my point here?  Well, my point is to explain why I'm reviewing one of the best restaurants in Athens by their carry-out food.  Trust me, I would much prefer to dine in, and take pictures of how the food is actually served, but alas, it is not to be when you are a parent of an infant.  I have, however, dined in the restaurant in the past (pre-baby), and was pleased by the attentive service.

I love Thai food, and I am incredibly thankful that we have so many Thai restaurants in Athens to choose from. I have eaten at every single one of them, each a handful of times. The best Thai restaurant in Athens, by far, is Thai Spoon.  So what sets Thai Spoon apart from the other Thai restaurants in town? The magic of Thai Spoon is in their sauce and rice.  Their proteins are cooked just okay and taste just average; nothing special about them.  But the depth of flavor from their sauce is unreal.  I've made curry a hundred times, and I have never been able to get even close to the flavor that Thai Spoon creates.  Secondly, their rice is delicious. And I'm not a rice person at all. I could care less about rice...except at Thai Spoon. I don't know how they do it, but I actually want to eat the rice plain.

I haven't gotten a bad dish yet here. There are a few though that are our stand out favorites.

We always get an appetizer of Basil Rolls, which I definitely recommend:
It comes with 2...I just couldn't restrain myself and ate one before I took the picture.
My favorite dish is the Massaman Curry, which is made with coconut sauce, avocado, and cashews.  The sauce is amazing, and I love the cool avocado and crunchy cashews mixed in.  It doesn't have any heat though, so I always have my trusty Sriracha sauce on hand to spice it up to my liking.
My husband prefers a lot of heat, so his favorite dish is the Spicy Green Curry, which comes with coconut sauce, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, eggplant, and basil leaves.  It is a little too spicy for me, which is too bad, because the green curry sauce is incredible.  My husband thinks it's the perfect amount of heat though; heck, he even likes it spicier sometimes.

In conclusion, if you like Thai food, Thai Spoon is your best bet in Athens. Even in the form of carry-out.

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  1. I totally agree! I LOVE Thai Spoon...I always get the Spicy Noodles but next time I'm going to have to try Ryan's pick! Jon loves the Massaman too!

  2. We should go there together sometime!