Friday, February 28, 2014

White Tiger Gourmet

I have been meaning to write a review for White Tiger Gourmet for a year now.  Every time I start, I give up, because I feel like I'm not going to do it justice.  Our whole family loves White Tiger.  Some kids start chanting for McDonalds when they get in the car; my picky eater chants "White Tiger, White Tiger!" over and over.  Sometimes my husband and I join in the chant, and find ourselves taking an unscheduled trip there.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ham & Cheese Gnocchi

The South just survived what the forecasters were calling a "historical" snow storm.  Thankfully Athens just received sleet and snow, instead of freezing rain and ice, so we were able to enjoy a winter wonderland this week, instead of a crippling catastrophic event.  Even though the snow is now melting, I'm still finding myself craving comfort food.  For some odd reason, I am specifically craving French comfort food--a Croque Monsieur, to be exact.  

If you've never had the pleasure of eating one, a Croque Monsieur is a decadent ham and swiss sandwich that has been grilled and topped with a béchamel sauce.  This dish, however, is a bit high in calories, and perhaps isn't the most kid-friendly dish, so I set out to recreate the dish to make it more in our family's style.  I decided to reimagine the dish as a pasta; using gnocchi instead of bread, and a white cheese sauce instead of a béchamel sauce.  

This dish, my dear readers, is so far my absolute favorite dish of 2014.  I originally wanted to name my pasta Gnocchi alla Croque Monsier, but I was afraid it would make the recipe sound too intimidating, when nothing could be further from the truth.  It was so quick and easy to make (less than thirty minutes!) and both my husband and kid gobbled it up.  If you keep your portion size reasonable and pair it with a light salad, this meal easily remains under 500 calories. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Chicken Taco Soup

Our local weather guys, Athens GA Weather, are forecasting a nasty winter storm for this week.  Which is crazy, because we just had a winter storm two weeks ago, and normally we don't get to see snowflakes but once a year.  Since it's slated to be cold and icy, I've decided that a hot and zesty soup should be on the menu.  At first I considered making a ramen soup that I've been eyeballing, but ultimately went with old faithful: Chicken Taco Soup.  It's easy to make and always a crowd pleaser.  Before I became a parent, I would make it pretty spicy, but this time I aimed to keep it kid friendly.  So if you like heat, be sure to amend the recipe to add cayenne pepper and/or garnish with hot sauce.  Also, this is a great soup to double, since it freezes beautifully.  Finally, this recipe can easily be made in the crockpot, if you happen to be too busy sledding outside to be standing over a stove.   

Monday, February 3, 2014

Orange Chicken

Lately I've been working extra hard to find recipes that I can get my whole family to eat.  My child is a notoriously picky eater, so dinner time can be an epic struggle when I try to serve something like Posole or Moroccan Chicken.  I was therefore excited when Gimme Some Oven's Orange Chicken recipe popped up on my Pinterest page.  It sounded like a dish that would not only be super easy and inexpensive to prepare, but also husband and child-friendly.  I substituted some of the chicken for broccoli to amp up its nutritional value, and served it with a side of sautéed bok choy instead of over rice.  My husband said it was the best Orange Chicken he's ever had, hands down.  My daughter (although suspicious at first) even ate it, which in our house, counts as a huge win.  Success!