Saturday, January 12, 2013


During the Winter Break, my husband and I took advantage of the temporary decrease in student population, and ventured downtown for dinner.  We decided on Clocked, a small diner with funky decor and adventurous burgers.

Clocked is a burger-and-fries restaurant, with a sort-of psychedelic nostalgic ambiance, yet with the very-modern promise of offering only organic and natural ingredients.  The diner itself is small and cozy, and with enough neat decorative items on the wall and ceiling to keep you entertained if you've run out of small-talk with your dining companion.  

The menu offers up a variety of sandwiches (mainly burgers), most with eclectic topping choices.  

We started off with a side of hummus and pita chips, because my friend recently told us that it was the best hummus she ever had.  My husband and I both thought the hummus was just okay (perhaps our expectations were too high?), but the pita chips were obviously freshly made, and tasted amazing.  

For my entree, I chose the Great Meteor Burger, which is topped with feta cheese, bacon, and a feta dressing.  I ordered my burger cooked medium, which I highly recommend doing.  (My husband ordered his well-done, and his burger meat wasn't nearly as tasty as mine).  The toppings paired excellently with the burger, the bun was big and soft, and the meat was nice and juicy.  It was a very good burger. 

My husband was more adventurous with his choice, and ordered the Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger.  It was exactly how you would expect that burger to be, and my husband enjoyed it immensely.

Since the burgers do not automatically come with a side of fries, we ordered a basket of sweet potato fries with a raspberry-habanero sauce.  They were crazy good! Seriously, they were some of the best sweet potato fries I've ever had, and I've had a lot. 

Overall, our experience at Clocked was fantastic.  The service was great, the food was prompt, the ambiance was fun, and the burgers are super tasty.  Other perks of Clocked:  they have a kids menu and they sell beer.  Two things that parents like us really appreciate.

The only downside of Clocked is that at over 7 bucks for a burger, most would expect it to either come with a side of fries or for it to be a huge burger. Neither is true for Clocked.  However, Clocked really does offer up a delicious, solid burger, and our meal of two burgers, a side of hummus, and a basket of sweet potato fries came to only twenty-ish dollars. So although it felt a little overpriced when I was ordering, the final price felt justified after I finished my meal. I was full and happy, and even had a small doggy bag of hummus and pita chips to take home.

I highly recommend Clocked.  As of right now, I feel like they have the best burgers in town.  They definitely have the best sweet potato fries!  It's a great place to have an inexpensive, fun date, and it would also be a fantastic place to take out-of-town visitors who want to get a feel for the more youthful culinary vibe of Athens.  

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