Friday, October 26, 2012

Losing the Baby Weight, Update #2

A month has passed since my last Losing the Baby Weight Update, so it's time for another update.  Things have been going pretty well!  I have now lost a total of 14.2 pounds: 7 pounds last month and 7 pounds this month. My weight loss looks pretty consistent from that vantage point.  However, if you look at it from a weekly stance, it has been way less consistent. Despite exercising and dieting pretty evenly, I'll gain a pound one week, only to lose 3 pounds the next, and then lose only half a pound the next week, followed by a 1 pound loss the following week, and so on.  However, despite the fluctuations, I'm now very close to my goal weight.  

In retrospect, I should have taken my measurements too.  Some of my girlfriends suggested this, but I kept forgetting to buy the measuring tape.  I know I have lost significant inches though; my clothing size has changed drastically.  I even had the courage to buy some skinny jeans, and was surprised to see that I could pull them off now.  I think that's one of the best parts about losing weight--going clothes shopping!  Once I hit my goal weight, I plan on buying a bunch of cute outfits as a reward.  

Operation Lose the Baby Weight has remained generally the same. No weird fad diets or strange exercise plans.  Just eating healthy, watching my calories, and exercising.  After the week where I gained a pound, I did modify things a tad. I feared the weight gain was from not eating enough and perhaps from exercising too much.  So I went from exercising 6-7 days a week to only 5, and from exercising 90 minutes a day to 60 minutes.  I also have started to allow myself to have "cheat days" on the weekends.  I don't go crazy and eat 2500 calories or anything, but I let myself go past my daily calorie limit without feeling guilty.  I had a fabulous four course meal at Farm 255 last weekend that started with fancy mixed drinks and ended with a fudge brownie.  I also had brunch not once, but twice, that weekend in downtown Athens. And I lost 3 pounds that week. 

For those of you that want to know more specifics, you can always join My Fitness Pal with me, where you can view my food and exercise diary to your heart's content. :)  Generally though, I eat 1200-1500 calories a day, and I run 3 miles and walk 2 miles.  I still eat 3 main meals, and have at least two snacks throughout the day.  I keep my dinner entree around 500 calories, and I always have dessert.  That's right ladies and gentlemen:  I have lost 14 pounds in 2 months and still have gotten to enjoy dessert every evening!  Because that is MY kind of diet!  Last week I finished my meal with Skinny Peanut Butter Pie; this week I am enjoying a decadent Vegan Fudge Pie (to be blogged soon!).  

Officially, I have only 3.8 pounds to go until I reach my goal weight.  Hopefully I will hit that weight by Thanksgiving, so I can enjoy some pecan pie without too much guilt.  However, I'm going to try to lose another 5 or so pounds once I hit my goal weight, because that would put me at my wedding day weight. Even if I can only hold that weight for a few days, wouldn't it be nice to be able to say I reached it post-baby?  Hopefully I'll be able to do it all without giving up my precious chocolate.  

Until next time!

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  1. :) Yay!!!

    I must say though... if Brides-to-be ask you any advice for before their wedding... you should tell them to actually gain a little bit of weight. That way, it's easier for them to get to and even below that weight post baby. And then they can easily say they weigh less post baby than they did on their wedding day- with wedding pictures for proof! Cheating the system!!! :)