Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Slow Cooker Baby Food, Part 2

Now that my baby is 8 months old, she should be eating some meats to get iron. After a bit of research, I decided to make beef, chicken, and pork baby food.  Leaner cuts of meat are recommended, and as everyone knows, the best way to make lean meat tender is to slow cook it.  After the success of my first try at slow cooking baby food ( Slow Cooker Baby Food, Part 1), I was eager to try again.


1 lb Chicken Breasts
1 lb Center Cut Pork Chops
1 lb Eye of Round Beef
1 quart of Chicken Broth (check ingredients to make sure there is no honey)

1. Place meat in slow cooker (separately--one cooker for each type of meat)

2. Pour in enough chicken broth to cover the bottom
3. Cook on high for 3-4 hours or low for 4-6 hours

4. Put meat in the food processor with several tablespoons of the cooked broth

5. Puree until smooth; add in leftover chicken broth if needed

6. Place in ice cube trays and put in freezer

7. Once frozen, pop out the meat cubes and put in a large freezer bag. Freeze.


  1. I have been thinking about slow cooking meat for my 10 month old. Have you tried any other slow cooker baby food since this post? How did your daughter like the different meats? My son loves chicken. We have given him pork in a mesh bag to suck on and he seems to like it. We also tried him with beef but he didnt like it at all.

  2. Yes! I throw in vegetables in with the meat a lot and cook it all together, and then puree them separately. I've also used the slow cooker to make applesauce and pureed pears. As long as you put a little bit of liquid in, you can slow cook really almost anything. My daughter likes chicken the best. She can be iffy on beef too, but if we mix it in with pureed veggies, she'll eat it right up.